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Flowertest 'Josephine'

Clean Josephine

Another variety from the brand new spray rose range of VOORN Roses, this time we're testing the clear white 'Josephine'.

After the other varieties we've tested by VOORN we're really curious if the complete range is ready for the high-end customers they're aiming at. Let's find out!

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Flowertest 'Tycoon'

Powerful like a tycoon

"A wealthy, powerful person in business or industry" that's the exact meaning of a Tycoon. 

You've to be very confident to give your rose a strong name like this, it has to bring something extra and special which will make this rose stand out and draw the attention.

We are going to find out if 'Tycoon' really is a powerful rose or it's just a strong name.

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Flowertest 'New Orleans'

The big easy!

This rose is named after 'the big easy' or 'New Orleans', a lovely city which is famous for their music and easy going lifestyle.

This week we are going to find out if this Qualirosa rose is also big and easy going. 

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Flowertest 'Aerobic'

Aerobic for a fit future!

With aerobics you train your flexibility , your strength and your fitness. This week we are going to find out if the spray rose 'Aerobic' by VOORN Roses is fit enough to deserve this name.


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Flowertest 'My Lady'

A new lady in town!

This is the very first time we're testing a variety by Floral Special so why not testing their brand new variety called 'My Lady'. This two toned dark red rose is grown in Ecuador, which sounds very promising to us.


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