Welcome to our business page

Everyday our (social)network is growing, especially on Instagram we're growing really fast but we're devoloping our Facebook and Pinterestpages too.

We're really happy we can share our love for flowers and plants with so many people on different platforms.

All those platforms come together on our blog where we post our Flowertests, Plant Inspirations and other flower related blogs.

Now what can we mean to you and your business?

  • We can introduce your flowers/plants (/related products) 
  • We can post your flowers on socialmedia (accompanied with a 'Flowertest'-blogpost)
  • We can connect you to different parties in the 'floralbusiness' (Florists, Wholesalers, Growers etc.)

When you have a question or other ideas you can send us an email (info@jexnine.com) or just contact us via one of our socialmedia accounts.

Bent u kweker?


Dan helpen wij u graag bij het onder de aandacht brengen van uw product.

Voor Nederlandse kwekers is dit voorlopig nog geheel kosteloos! 

U kunt contact met ons opnemen via social media of via mail (info@jexnine.com) om te kijken wat we voor elkaar kunnen betekenen